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About Us

WIDAFEST is more than just a festival; it’s a vibrant celebration of African culture. Founded in 2023, WIDAFEST has grown to become a cornerstone event for the African community and its supporters. Our mission is to promote African heritage and foster a sense of community through music, art, food, and dance.

Upcoming Event


Windsor International Diaspora African Festival 2024

WIDAFEST will attract thousands of attendees from around the world who will be thrilled with energetic performances from local and international artists. 

Why Windsor?

  • Windsor is a growing town that needs further activities to open her hospitality and natural serene ambience to the world.
  • 2017 Population index 233,763 with 5% blacks.
  • A Projected GDP of 14.48 billion Canadian dollars. This Carnival will definitely add to it.
  • A city of history and culture, with its historic architecture, modern towers and multicultural residents. Perfect fit for a carnival.
  • Tourism plays a big part in Windsor’s economy, as it is home to numerous fabulous attractions. Such as lovely parks and green spaces, a lively downtown area and some great festivals.
  • Windsor’s economy is primarily based on education and opportunity for foreign students.

Our Partners

We work with reputable organizations and individuals in our quest to impact our world to make a difference.


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